Our Vision

As Christ followers, we have been commissioned to carry on the mission of Jesus. The BridgeBuilder program was created to train disciples of Jesus to do this well, especially when crossing cultures. The program is designed to combine the service component of a typical mission trip with quality missions training that will equip participants to have a greater impact in whatever context that God calls them to go to next.  

Our Goal

It is our goal to provide a reciprocal program where participants and locals are mutually enriched. Bridge-Builders places a heavy emphasis on listening to and learning from the community as we serve alongside our neighbors. Bridge-Builders is more than a mission trip; it is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Jesus, while joining in the work that God is already doing in our community.


Listening Opportunities

Each day, participants will spend time in experiential learning settings. They will hear from both individuals and organizations across the city in order to help cultivate deliberate empathy and learn first hand from the work that God is doing here in Houston.

Learning Opportunities

Participants are engaged in dynamic lessons taught daily by Forge staff and local pastors. These lessons venture into subject areas including history, sociology, philosophy, current events, economics, and psychology. The focus of these lessons will revolve around a Biblical discussion of poverty, missions, and community development.

Service Opportunities

Service opportunities are always chosen about a month prior to a group's arrival. Every project is carefully selected to meet the needs of the community that are present at the time of a group's stay. Daily service projects include serving in local churches and para-church ministries, working with youth outreach programs, various revitalization/demolition projects, community beautification, serving in local schools, etc. 

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